KURT THOMAS The Untold Story
The Miamian Who Put Gymnastics on the World Map

At the end of World War II, the United States was the economic super-power of the world, but not in olympic sports. The world was taken by surprised as the soviet union dominated the platform at the 1952 olympics. In men’s gymnastics, only Japan stood challenge to the soviets. But that all changed in 1978 at World Championships, were American gymnast Kurt Thomas swept the podium, setting the record for most medals won at a single World Championships by an American gymnast, a feat only to be matched by Simone Biles in 2018.


He has two skills named after him, starred in a Hollywood film, and was inducted to the International Hall of Fame of Gymnastics. But where did Kurt Thomas come from? What is the story of his rise to become a world class athlete and international sensation? In this special, we will discover the story of Kurt Thomas, the Miamian Who Put American Gymnastics on the World Map.


I was so honored to put this together. Thank you to Bruce Davis, Don Gutzler, Abie Grossfeld, and Peter Kormann for sharing your stories on Kurt, and producing such a wonderful athlete.

Rest in Peace
Kurt Thomas (1956-2020)

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