This course is designed specifically for owners and managers of child activity centers

 Three month course, where you will go through vigorous training, strategizing, and immediate implementation. You will start seeing instant changes in your business because we get to work right away. In the first month, your productivity and revenue will noticeably increase. During the process, your life will begin to change in the most positive way. After the three month course is complete, you will be a legitimized business ready for optimization. 


This is first! Why, because your bottom will change right away. I will train you on how to build a REAL Marketing & Sales foundation. I’m not talking about just posting a few things on Facebook and some Google ads,  I'm talking a consistent lead generation and sales funnel! We will first look into your online web presence from social media post, website, Google My Business, paid per click ads, and call to action methods. Then, we will make an action plan to get it all squared away and legitimized. At the same time, we will launch your online and over the phone sales, from incoming to outgoing; we will quickly learn and implement scripts and contact management strategies.  



Imagine your business as a pyramid with 5 different layers. First, you must create a product and service, one that fulfills the needs of your community. Second, you must brand that product and service with an attractive design. Third, you must provide security and legality to your business through client retention modules, industry compliance, and risk mitigation. Fourth, you must build a real marketing and sales foundation. And fifth, at the top of the pyramid, you must continually control the quality of your business through systems of management. We will review every aspect of this pyramid and make sure your club is one it’s way to legitimacy. 



Agility is being able to adapt to market changes, people changes, and Force Majeures. You should not dig yourself into an original way of doing things, an old business plan, or specific way someone did it in the past. Agility is being able to adapt to feedback from your clientele, employees, and managers. In software, we call this “user acceptance testing”, where the users (your employees, your clients, your members) give feedback on their experience. If a process or system is not working, don’t say “well, that's how we always done it”, change it. In our offices, we have a quote on a white board, that’s been up there so long it’s now permanent, that states a mantra, “change or die!”. 



Organization is creating roles, positions, and departments that constitute the body, heart, and brain of your business. It’s the organization of your business that determines its ability to operate, and dictates its ultimate success, not people. This is done by creating self-organized teams, with ongoing cycles of business and product development, alignment, and vision. The organization of your business needs to be mapped out, and should address every aspect of your company. Every person within your business, (employee, affiliates, owners, or stakeholders) need to be assigned to a part of that organizational map.


There are no bad teams, just bad leaders. It’s in our nature to be selfish, lazy, and ungrateful and the only way to prevent this primitive state is to be held accountable. Accountable to a superior with good character, values, and a clear vision. A good leader is focus-driven, consistent, and attentive. A leader provides a platform for open communication, prioritizes and executes, addresses issues swiftly, and serves his or her team members. As the gym-owner, you must be a leader, by holding your employees accountable through your own extreme ownership, not top down authority. Taking ownership of every problem and short fall in your business.

Everyone's situation is unique, let's talk to discuss yours... 

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